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Advanced CSS

Post by jimc » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:33 pm

This is, I expect, going to mean very little to most of you. If so please ignore! There isn't, I suppose, anyone on the forum who is hot stuff at advanced CSS?

I've got an oddity in the web site setup which is blocking me from getting a 100% mobile friendly rating from google, which is annoying. The situation is that I've got a main div set at width 100%, which reports using Chrome devtools at (for example) 467px wide, which is the width of the viewing window, and a div within it, also set at 100% in the CSS, which devtools is reporting at 483px. The extra 16px is getting google mobile friendly to report "page too wide for screen" and I can't spot where the extra 16px are coming from.

If there's anyone else who does this stuff and can provide a fresh set of eyes to try and spot what I'm missing I'd be glad to hear from you. I could brute force something, I suppose, by setting the width of the subordinate frame to 92% or something, but it feels like a waste of screen space and I'd rather find out what's happening...

Jim C

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