Costs of an IC

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Costs of an IC

Post by klaus.ropke » Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:06 pm

Dear IC Sailors,
I sailed 40 years ago an IC and have started sailing it again in 2019. I am very keen sailing international regattas. However, I am not in the position to pay GBP10,000+ for a competitive boat. Other young sailors might be in the same position.

Should they all be kept away from the IC? Should the IC restricted to few elder, capable boat builder? Where should the next generation come from? I think the IC association has a strategic (growth) problem and should reconsider the design/cost of a boat.

Merry Christmas

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Re: Costs of an IC

Post by gilles » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:54 am

i'm not a specialist but you should have a look to the Machete design or a "old design" of ICs like Morisson 1 and 2. hopefully there are not 10 000+. At the européen 2019 (hourtin) the morison 1 and others "old "designs had good results...depends on who is sailing on.

but you are right, the IC is not a mass market product...

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Re: Costs of an IC

Post by jimc » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:21 pm

Its difficult to know what could be done to reduce the cost of a new boat. A new 49er is around 20K UKP, a Musto Skiff getting on 13K UKP, a 505 28K UKP, and even the 29er, deliberately built down to a price, is nearly 12K. Actually I have to wonder whether our boys are making a fair living.

To my mind the problem is one that's affecting all the high end classes except perhaps the Olympic boys, which is that the boats are just too good. In the days when a boat lost the very last bit of competitive edge after a season or two there was a nice healthy second hand market, because a boat would be sold on when it lost that little bit of edge, but still be perfectly good enough for people who were targeting top ten rather than top three, and so on down the fleet. Now epoxy/foam boats have such a long competitive lifespan that the people at the top don't buy new boats so often, and nice second hand boats are very rare.

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