2018 and a re-invigorated ICAA

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2018 and a re-invigorated ICAA

Post by Sezed » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:07 pm

Ladies and Gents, the following text is copied from a letter (that will be mailed out shortly) to IC sailors in Aus:

05 Mar 2018
Dear Fellow International Canoe Sailors of Australia,

It is my great pleasure to write to you to advise you of the reinvigoration of the International Canoe Association of Australia (ICAA).
For a number of reasons in the recent years the ICAA has declined in membership and activity. It is my hope that with the prospect
of hosting the IC World Championships in Australia in Jan 2021 that this will bolster interest in the class and see an increase in active
IC sailors.

Recently a teleconference meeting of interested sailors was held to reinvigorate the ICAA, to identify willing ICAA committee
members and to nominate a working committee to develop the strategy for hosting the IC Worlds 2020/21. The outcome of this
meeting saw the following appointments:

ICAA President: Stefan Zohar (Aus 7, Aus 21 and Aus 32)
ICAA Secretary: Geoff Carne (Aus 26)
ICAA Board Member: Brett Holly (Aus 33 and Aus 9)

I would like to thank Tim Wilson, Hayden Virtue and Christian Knott for their efforts over the last 10 years in keeping the class alive
in Australia. I am hopeful we can attract some new sailors to the class and see more IC’s on the water.

At this early stage of the ICAA reinvigoration our intent is to get IC sailors in Australia back on the water. I intend for the ICAA to be a
supportive and welcoming class that facilitates participation of all interested sailors. We are a small class and because of the unique
nature of these amazing sailing canoes our membership base is unlikely to dramatically change unless we are active in the sailing

In order to increase participation the ICAA Committee is working on a number of initiatives, including:
a. Consolidating the membership numbers and membership details – including a list of Aus IC’s,
b. Disseminating information as appropriate using letters such as this,
c. Using Aus section of the Intcanoe Forum available at this link;
d. Developing an Australian IC Sailing website to have an enduring and controllable repository of information,
e. Continuing the use of the Aus IC Facebook page to stimulate ideas, post information and pictures and appropriate
discussion about IC Sailing in Aus.
f. Maintaining a list of IC friendly regattas and identifying who intends to sailing at these regattas. An initial draft of
this list is contained at enclosure 1 of this letter, and
g. Holding a 2018 National IC Sailing Championships at the Brass Monkey Regatta – Toukley SC in June 2018.

If you are not already a member of the ICAA and you wish to participate and have a say in the way ahead, the membership fee is $50
per annum and all membership fees will be used solely to maintain the ICAA and to support the initiatives described above. To have
a vote you will need to be a financial member. I encourage you to contact any of the committee members for further information of
how to join the ICAA.

If you don’t want to be an ICAA Member but wish to remain an interested party, please let us know that as well and we will keep you
in the loop. Similarly, if you have an IC that needs some love and care to get it back up to sailing condition, please let us know. We
are interested in identifying hulls that new sailors may access or in helping you to get your boats back on the water as well.
Separate to these initiatives, and as mentioned above, the ICAA will host the next IC World Championships in Jan 2021.

The ICAA Worlds 2020/21 Planning Sub-Committee is chaired by Geoff Carne and significant effort has been expended in finding the best
possible venue. I am pleased to announce that the Worlds Planning Committee has agreed to hold the event at the Lake Macquarie
Yacht Club (LMYC) on Lake Macquarie NSW, one of the premiere sailing locations in Australia. This location was debated at great
length and many other very clubs were investigated but the committee is confident that this location will provide some fantastic
world class sailing catering to all foreign and domestic IC sailors in a convenient location with numerous accommodation options.

Geoff is leading the discussions with the club to finalise the details and further information will be published in due course.
I will be in touch in the coming weeks with more information regarding the Nationals planned for June, otherwise please be involved
and help us breathe new life into our unique and amazing boats. I hope to see you out on the water soon.


Stefan Zohar
ICAA President
Mobile: 0427155168
Email: intcanoeaus@gmail.com or stef.zohar@gmail.com
Geoff Carne:
Email: gdcarne@gmail.com
Phone: 0414267299
Brett Holly:
Email: brettholly@tpg.com.au
Phone: 0422 082 883
1. List of Possible IC Events 2018

Enclosure 1 to ICAA Welcome Letter 2018
Possible IC Sailing Events 2018
June 9/10/11 Brass Monkey Toukley NSW
August 25/26 All boats Regatta Lake Coortharaba QLD
September TBA (Possible Club sail Canberra ACT)
October long week end, 30 Sep-1 Oct (possible SA regatta)
November 3/4 Zihk Single hander Sunshine NSW
November 24/25 Kembla Klassic, Port Kembla NSW
December 1/2 Mono Masters Lake Coortharaba
January 25-27 AUST Day regatta Canberra ACT
February Vacant/TBA (possible Club sail Canberra ACT)
March 15/16 Basin Classic George’s Basin NSW
March 19/20/21/22 (Possible SA EASTER Regatta)
April 27/28 Batemans Bay Anzac Bash Batemans Bay NSW

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