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Tommy Clark
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US Website NEWS!

Post by Tommy Clark » Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:16 am

Hey guys, update about the website

Thing one: I got the galleries on the US site ( up and running again and I have re-uploaded all the pictures which were stuck in the back end. Id love it if folks could head over there and take a look and spend some time commenting and IDing the pics, especially the boat construction ones. A little bit of a blurb about whatever strange Rube Goldbergian things are pictured would be great. I will be adding any useful info left in the comment fields into the photo info itself as well. Remember, one of the reasons that we have this website is to attract interest from potential new sailors so while *we* all know that picture X is from Karl's workshop or the Lab of Luxury or whatever it still would help to have it be labeled as such. Go be amusing and illuminating people! The boat construction pics have been re-organized into "Project (Builder)" ie "Mayhem (John Kells)". There are a few albums of construction pics which may be attributed to the wrong builder/sailor, specifically a file which was labeled Phil Robin/Scarlett Ohara but that may have been a misdirected upload, if so PLEASE let me know. You need to be a registered user to comment on the pics but if you have info to share and are not registered just shoot me an email thru the contact us section or to internationalcanoes AT gmail DOT com or PM me here on SA. It also seems to be the case that pics CANNOT be uploaded from the front end of the site. Im still not sure what is going on with that but the battle royal with Joomla will commence after I finish finals. At the moment everything needs to be uploaded from the back end, so if there are any pics you would like to be posted on the site (and we really need new pics people!) send 'em along to me and Ill upload them. Somehow we have no pictures at all from the AUS worlds or the UK worlds or the Bristol worlds.

Thing two: Willy and I brainstormed for a while and updated the fleet info pages with information which may be wildly inaccurate or out of date. Please please please check it out and help me get it current. Id like to have a complete list of all the ICs in the US thru that page, regardless of whether they're still sailed much or not. Hell we put Rising Sun in the list just for kicks. We would like this page to help potential sailors find ICers in their area so we put up the rough location of each boat, ie Rhode Island or Annapolis. If you are on the list and you DO NOT want your general location to be listed please let me know. On the other hand if you would like to be contacted by fledgelings let me know and we will work out what contact info to add to your listing. IMPORTANT: I am NOT going to make ANYBODIES contact info available without their permission. I am trying to walk the line between making ourselves available and respecting privacy. Ah the joys of the internets!

Im crossposting this to Sailing Anarchy and the forums, sorry about the spamming.


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