DM20 dyneema for shrouds ...

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DM20 dyneema for shrouds ...

Post by gilles » Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:19 pm


Did somebody tried to use dyneema DM20 for shrouds and forestay ?

And what diameter?


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Re: DM20 dyneema for shrouds ...

Post by perhamh » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:27 pm

About the jib boom. Could be that there's too much tension on the leach for lighter conditions -> ease off the line to the leading end of the boom to allow more twist. Or, less likely, that the way you have rigged it allows the foot to be pulled back too far, taking out fullness low down. The sheet needs to act on the clew of the sail in the usual way, so the clew should be able to slide along the boom as necessary.

The photos appear to show the tensioning line as still taut even though you're sheeted hard in. This tends to support the idea that it's too tight for these light conditions. And a taut tensioning line will make the boat less forgiving when tacking in higher winds.

My experience (jib boom without self-tacker) is that it's only on flat water, and in a narrow range of wind strengths, that one should use the jib boom to eliminate most of the twist.

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