Leeward jib sheeting and cleats

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colin brown
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Leeward jib sheeting and cleats

Post by colin brown » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:16 pm

I am looking to move away from my self tacker and back to leeward jib sheeting . Now its 10 years since I last sailed with normal jib sheeting, so I would like to know:
The angle of the leeward cleat, where does the top of it point to? Is it the opposite gunwhale, top of seat carriage etc. This information will enable me to make the little deck plinths to take the turning block and cleat.
I am also considering using the Ronstan swivel cleat that is currently used for the self tacker, has anyone used this fitting on each leeward gunwhale?
All advice welcome. :D

Steve Clark
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Re: Leeward jib sheeting and cleats

Post by Steve Clark » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:36 pm

You want the end of the sheet to line up with the top of the sliding seat when fully extended and be in the cleat. This so you can trim and ease when perched on the end. It all depends on the radius of you seat and the height of the carriage, so there is no general rule. On my boats, the Plinth is horizontal and the same height as the fore and aft seat tracks. I end up putting shims and wedges under the cleats to tune them.
The swiveling cleats tend to swivel aft because the 90 degree turn of the sheet around the fair lead pulls them that way. This can be mitigated by bungees or by adding a block that turns the sheet before it gets to the swivel cleat. But kind of seems to make it not worth the bother If you have the high angle fairlleads for the Harken cleats it doesn't seem necessary to make the cleats move.
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