Movement of seat carriages

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Movement of seat carriages

Post by colinbrown » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:06 pm

This is directed to all those of you who have carbon seat carriage tracks and a carbon carriage. Whats the friction like with fore and aft movement and can the carriage be easily be moved with you sat on it ?
With the UK style alloy tracks and stainless steel cars with plastic inserts movement is not a problem. I'm on the point of no return with my UK build IC . Help please.

Chris Maas
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Re: Movement of seat carriages

Post by Chris Maas » Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:38 pm

My carriage rolls on 32 Delrin wheels, 8 axels per side, inside a 20mm ID carbon square tube that is the gunwhale. To move it I need to take much of my weight off of the seat and ooch it back, especially if there's much mainsheet load. I don't have any control lines to hold the carriage position but I do have a mainsheet take up that runs from the carriage to the rudder post and a line connecting the carriage to the mainsheet slider on the boom that provide enough friction for the carriage to stay where I put it. Usually.

Now that I think of it, when I'm sitting over the gunwhale, or further inboard, I can push the carriage with my feet without lifting my weight off.

This whole set up is fairly fussy to build so that it doesn't bind. Erich Chase built his so accurately that it rolls too easily. Mine seems to have just the right amount of carefully calculated crudeness for friction.

SHC makes a carriage track that would be much easier to build.

Steve Clark
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Re: Movement of seat carriages

Post by Steve Clark » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:38 pm

The tongue and groove seems to work as well as anything I have ever done. And I did the many wheels thing that Chris describes but with $14 a pop ball bearing wheels. The slipperiness can be tuned with the selective use of Mclube or Teflon lubricants. I can slide the carriage fore and aft when sitting on it during the runs. When chicken reaching ( feet on the gunwales) I have to unweight to move things, but they move pretty easily. I have the dead end of the main sheet split to each end of the carriage and then back to the aft end of the tracks. If the forward line isn't cleated the seat ends up aft.
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