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Arne GER76
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Re: New IC's

Post by Arne GER76 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:03 pm

Last weekend I had my first trials on my new IC:

some more and a clip here:

there is still some work to do: fairing, paint and lots of small things ...

I am not sure which material to use as a CB trunk inlay. PTFE strips on upper and lower edge?
what do you use?

all the best,

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Re: New IC's

Post by SteveC » Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:51 pm

Looking slick Arne. How many are you taking to the worlds?

I use 3M Velcro (furry side) on the inside of the daggerboard slot top and bottom about 20mm wide. Holds the board in place nicely but if you get any sand in the slot it gets taken away by the Velcro and doesn't scratch the board. I make a sleeve made of 1mm thick carbon inside the slot top and bottom 25mm wide made by wrapping the Velcro around the daggerboard, covering with a layer of tape and then laminating 4 layers of carbon over the top to give a good tight fit. Remove the sleeve, cut to size and then glue this inside the slot. Does assumeyour slot is about 3mm thicker than the board of course.
Steve Clarke (UK)
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