International Website - recent changes Feb 2014

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International Website - recent changes Feb 2014

Post by jimc » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:33 am

A few changes on the International website

* I've added some basic "description of the class" paragraphs to the top of the site: 4 paras if reading on a wide screen, and two paras if reading on a small screen. It might be an idea to have several different versions of that text reflecting different viewpoints, information, whatever. Its straightforward enough for me to do that if people want to supply material: I'll could set the page to cycle through different versions as it does with the photo gallery. Maybe each National association would like to add something. It would be really good to have introductory text in the languages of other Canoe Sailing Nations if folk would like to supply it: I'm utterly incapable of writing German, Swedish or French (please don't be too rude about my english)!

* I've added a "recently updated pages" section to the bottom of the website. We'll see how that goes. It shouldn't appear at all if nothing is recently updated: one needs to be careful about giving the impression there are no changes even when there aren't!

* I've added a few more historical reports. Thanks to Colin Newman who's sent me some old newsletter photocopies. The ones that OCRd easily are up there, some others will follow when my misbehaving typing hand is better!

* I've added a search form to the bottom of each page which searches the whole International site (including the forum). Good for finding your name in old reports [grin]. You can pick between the obvious search engines that occurred to me, I could add others if you have suggestions and they have a compatible api.

* Don't forget I always welcome good quality photos for the randomly changing gallery on each side of the page. They should come with a caption, a credit to the photographer and permission to use here.

* I continue to welcome alternate banner graphics for the top of the page - see here for details

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