IC's for sale in Australia

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IC's for sale in Australia

Post by Christian AUS » Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:47 am

We have some exceptional IC’s for sale in AUS at the moment, and some keen builders looking to build new boats (but need to sell their old ones first – which means good deals for interested people):
o AUS21 – the Hollow Log is still for sale: 2nd in this years Nationals shows she is still the best bang for buck boat on the market philstevo2003@yahoo.com.au
o AUS25 – the Rat – Geoff H has his new rules IC up for sale so he can build a flatpack himself mechar@bigpond.net.au
o AUS19 – Backbone – the fastest Nethercott in Australia 2 years in a row, Mal has it for sale to fund building a new rules boat mal.smith1@optusnet.com.au
o AUS26 (see advert in Marketplace) New Rules IC, formerly 'Josie'
o AUS 5 – Seths old boat (Nethercott) – a really cheap way of getting into IC’s geoff.manion@gmail.com - on ebay til 11Feb09 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/International-Sa ... 500wt_1182)
o AUS 9 – Superstition – Strip planked Nethercott, available now Pete has his hands full with a new rules Flatpack peter_armstrong@internode.on.net
Ideally it would be fantastic to build up some core IC fleets, at least 1 in each state, so at the moment if you are looking at IC’s the fleets are:
o South Australia – Adelaide Sailing Club
o Victoria – Albury Wodonga Yacht Club
o NSW – St George Sailing Club
o Miscellaneous: Humpybong Qld, Inverloch Vic, Canberra Yacht Club ACT

I will update this list as I hear of boats selling and other boats coming on the market.

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