'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

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Colin Newman
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'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by Colin Newman » Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:56 pm

As many in the fleet will know Barbara and I became grandparents for the first time on April 5 last year when our daughter-in-law, Helen gave birth to twin boys. It first started as almost a joke, but each time we visited our younger son, Tim, his wife and the twins in Eldwick near Bingley, they kept pointing out houses we should buy in order to move and live near them. Handy local baby sitters are valued by busy working and hockey playing parents with twins, especially now that both Tim and Helen are playing at club level but also for the respective men's and women's veterans (over 40ties) teams for the North of England.

With our other son also living in Yorkshire, the idea took root; after yet another traffic-clogged visit involving four motorways and getting through Bradford we thought 'why do we keep doing this journey? Let's move near our family.' So our house went on the market and a buyer was found within a few days, we then found a house to buy, but lost it when our buyer lost his buyer. However, we then found a better one only ten minutes stroll on the flat to reach my son's house (quite a find getting a flat place on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, with Ilkley Moor in sight from our new house). All was going to plan for a move on 15 August and we even had signed contracts lodged with our solicitor ready to exchange and have 90% of our belongings packed in boxes, only to learn on 8 August that the buyer at the start of our chain had pulled out. Fortunately a replacement buyer was found almost straight away, but none of us in the chain can move till this new buyer has completed all the formalities, raising a mortgage and so on. So I guess it will now be late September before we can actually move, barring any further hiccups.

It is quite a challenge in our seventies leaving the Midlands and the home we have lived in for 38 years, but we are looking forward to exploring pastures new and having two young boys to keep us young as we play a part in their upbringing. I turn 76 in December and with a bit of a dodgy heart (three leaking valves) pumping dodgy blood (checked on every three months) I was finding sailing the new rules IC increasingly tiring, especially after a capsize when I struggle to get up onto the board and then back in to the boat. At times I have needed outside help. Draycote has excellent, professional saftey boat crews, unlike I would find at smaller clubs. I have stopped going to opens on the basis I would be in danger of falling asleep at the wheel on my way home. So after sailing 'Endgame' into first place in my last club race at Draycote while at the time still lying second in the series, I have sold the boat to Hugh de Longh in the hope it keeps him at it till his seventies and that he gets as much fun out of the boat as I have had. With our move scheduled for 15 August he picked it up late July, so I am now boat less for the time being.

Once I get to Yorkshire I shall see how much I miss sailing with our new life style. The Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club is about thirty miles away and I might move to something more sedate, like the new Hadron H2, designed by and for the older man. We shall see. I have enjoyed sailing in the IC for just over thirty years and even as a late comer into sailing (starting at 33) have had some successes, the best being winning the Europa Cup in Germany in 2006 when I was 63. Now as I leave the class, but hopefully not contact with Canoe sailors, I want to thank everyone who has been part of my life and my sport for their competition, friendship and fun. I would not have missed it and I shall look back with such happy memories both of IC sailing and all the good friends that go with it, along with my parallel sailing career in the International Moth. This also started in 1987 and progressed from beginner, class event organiser and Masters Champion (best over 35 when I was 60) in the low rider era, to my final fling as Grand Master (best over 55 when I was 69) on hydrofoils, along the way, owning 'White Knuckle Express' that I bought off Rohan Veal in 2004, the first and only Moth to race on hydrofoils at the Moth Worlds in France in 2003 when I won the oldies trophy! I sold my last Moth when I turned 70 to concentrate on sailing 'Endgame' which was my 70th birthday present from my long suffering wife, Barbara. In the year of our Golden Wedding, celebrated with our family this year on 13 July, Barbara deservers a special tribute for, behind the scenes, supporting my hobby all the way. So thank you one and all for making my Canoe sailing journey so fulfilling for the past thirty one years.

All good things have to come to an end. Increasing age, osteoarthritis and health issues get you in the end, but they say it is fine to look back with nostalgia 'as long as you do not stare'. Yorkshire and two small boys lie ahead. It is rather special, against all expectations and many disappointments on the way, becoming a grand father for the first time in my mid seventies and so I must make the most of it! Will Thomas and Samuel one day become IC sailors? Keep the class going for them and all in the future who want the enjoyment I have had among you all. Thanks very much to everyone.

Colin Newman

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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by jimc » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:05 pm

Well, thankyou for all the good times, company and assistance over the years. I'm particularly grateful for the year you were practically de facto events secretary for the UK Cherub class after our one went AWOL. I'm in a similar position - getting back in the boat ended up being just too difficult, and I've recently abandoned my vintage Moth for the same reason.

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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by Dreamcatcher » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:03 pm

I think that I speak for the rest of the fleet in wishing you 'Good Luck' in Yorkshire, and 'Thanks' for all the help you have given both personally and to the fleet over the years. I have kept it quiet from the fleet that seeing you in Faster Than a Squirt... sailing at Coppet Week was one of the reasons why I initially bought a canoe - they might never have forgiven you!.
What they also don't know is that you rigged by first IC standing outside Rutland on a freezing February day ( no charge), provided all the cleats and ropes that weren't on the boat (no charge), gave me a set of sails as mine weren't too good (no charge),lent me your IC for over a year when I was boatless (no charge), and were extremely encouraging to a newcomer to the fleet - all very much appreciated.
I also know that the real reason that you are moving North is to be able to pop down to ER in order to watch the Mighty Whites....but i'll keep that a secret as well. (BTW...North Stand N7 at the back on a Saturday afternoon if you want a meat and potato pie + Bovril :D )

At least a Hadron still uses a fast sailmaker. Best wishes to your Trolly Dolly.....and keep in touch.


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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by HughdeIongh » Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:28 pm


I have really enjoyed some of our close competition on the water over a number of years, where you often seemed to have the edge.

You have now set me the challenge of continuing to sail Endgame until I'm 75, as you have done!

I am sure you and Barbara will both enjoy Yorkshire


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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by SteveC » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:19 am


Sorry to hear you will no longer be sailing your various canoes.

I was also inspired by "the man in the funny hat" sailing your canoe at Saundersfoot which no doubt had some influence in me moving into the class in the noughties.

Always admired your enthusiasm for the class. I hope you enjoy your time up t'north.

Best wishes
Steve Clarke (UK)
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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by gilles » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:34 pm

Colin, PM sent.

cheers, Gilles from France

Roger Howell GBR300
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Re: 'Colexit' It is time to say goodbye.

Post by Roger Howell GBR300 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:54 pm

Good buy Colin , I too have enjoyed sailing against you even if I didn't catch up with you as often as I would have liked

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