Pop-Up Events Idea

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Pop-Up Events Idea

Post by SteveC » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:24 am

A new concept for events is being floated for next year and it goes something like this....

Running formal Open events has its place but is becoming more difficult; they have to be set sometimes a year in advance with clubs holding off racing for their members and tying up resources from other club members and very often clubs won't even run them unless you have a fleet at the club.

Comes the day, everyone looks at the forecast a few days before and if not favourable only a few then turn up; club get's annoyed as there's no turnout, refuse to run another event, those who do turn up sail against a few others and the whole thing becomes a non-event....sound familiar.

With changing weather and more extreme changes in the conditions, we need to be a bit more savvy I think and adapt.

The idea is something we've been using the S Wales for the last year and it works well - basically sail when the conditions are right and communicate through WhatsApp to organise a meet up which can be anytime and last year its wasn't often on a Sunday as it happens.

We're going to work through the details in committee but I want to get some feedback first - the general idea is this

- set aside a number of dates at specific venues as informal racing, tuning and meeting points in safe venues where rescue will not be an issue.
- a means of communication will be established between the group of people interested which could be regional and national using Facebook, the forum or WhatsApp.
- when one of the agreed dates comes up, a week before those interested register interest on the group
- the weather forecast is closely observed for the days leading up to the pop-up
- the day before, a firm commitment is made by those who have registered interest based on weather
- everyone who made a commitment turns up on the day. If they don't they have to buy all the drinks at the next meeting.
- sailing is informal using local marks or if we have local resources available we lay a course ourselves. Starts are done using a gate start with a single preparatory gun indicating the start of the countdown from 3 minutes at the leeward mark.
- races will have a fixed length of 1 lap, course will depend on what boats are present and the sailing area available but will be fixed before going on the water.
- number of races will depend on the stamina of those involved.
- we go down the pub

This can evolve as time progresses but I would be interested in getting feedback on this idea.
Steve Clarke (UK)
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Re: Pop-Up Events Idea

Post by SteveC » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:48 am

Just to be clear by the way, as someone mentioned it to me this weekend, this is not an idea to replace opens but rather an additional concept to bring together canoe sailors who might normally only sail by themselves and give other opportunities for more IC/AC fleet racing.

Sailing against other IC's is the only way to learn and to develop the skills across the entire fleet and general improve the standard to a high level for as many as possible.
Steve Clarke (UK)
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Re: Pop-Up Events Idea

Post by GBR242 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:45 pm


I don't think my worry was so much that popups would directly replace opens, god forbid....

More that it might dilute people's resolve to get to the opens.

"Well I was going to go to Mengham, but we had such a great time at Weston the weekend before....and I was a bit knackered and remembered I said I had promised to mow the lawn....so thought I would give it a miss...." kind of thing.

It all depends on how far one is going to travel to a pop-up regatta. I think it would work well for a group of sailors who were all sailing in the vicinity, but you are most probably limited to locations you can drive to and from in a day, unless you are going to camp as getting accomodation last minute could be a pain.

Don't get me wrong....I am not against it, quite the contrary. If Castle Cove said they were all getting on the water and invited me along, I am sure I would make it down there to play. But if Llandegfud said they were doing a pop-up on the Thursday, for Saturday, I doubt I could get my act together in time to make it.

but hey.......I am all for it. The more ICs sailing together....any where...can only be a good thing.

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Re: Pop-Up Events Idea

Post by Shaunanderson » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:50 pm

What about shift workers? as too short of a notification could prevent these from attending.

As the class has split into 3 separate fleets why not use handicaps then the last race make it a pursuit using personnel handicaps. (doesnt any of the results programs work out a current handicap against the winner?)

Courses - Why are we stuck with triangles / sausages?

There needs to be ideas as to how the Classics / AC can compete against the new rules. Is this putting people off the class as they know they just cannot compete and how many non IC sailors can actually jump into a new rules anyway.

The best sailors would still rise to the top (Put Robin in an Opi and he would still beat alot of us!) but it would certainly make it more fun than just watching another new rules blast passed on the first reach.

Take the fun away and you are likely to lose the individual and not get any new blood into the class.

PS.. How do the Germans manage to attract people / youngsters into the class?
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