Identifying One design Canoes

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Identifying One design Canoes

Post by jimc » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:50 am

Something that has been brought home to me in the last few days is the problems for race officers that identifying classes causes. Its apparently not uncommon, amongst the endless variations of rigs among things like Fevas, Topazes and Picos, not only for the poor race officer to have no idea what he is looking at, but also for the sailor not to be able to tell him! The AC does not contribute a problem in this area, and I think we get good marks for that (unlike say certain new classes where they have identical sail logos and expect the race officer to be able to tell the difference between an 8 sqm and a 9sqm sail at some hundred yards distance for instance...
We have got an upcoming problem though. At the moment the new boats haven't been troubling the club handicappers much but with any luck at all that will change. This year I understand its likely that the RYA will publish numbers for INT CANOE (ASYMM) and INT CANOE (O/D), which is fair enough. In the future though would it be good manners for ICs and ICODS to be readily distinguishable? At least in the UK at any rate where we do so much more handicap racing than most countries? OD on the sail where AC is at the moment perhaps?


regards, Jim C

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Re: Identifying One design Canoes

Post by SteveC » Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:16 pm

This is one of many topics raised at the BCU Sailing Committee held last weekend. We have come up with a simple solution to this based on sail numbers.

See my post about News from the Committee
Steve Clarke (UK)
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michael Brigg
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Re: Identifying One design Canoes

Post by michael Brigg » Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:19 pm

The Police do this on their radio codes :wink:

IC1 – White person
IC2 – Mediterranean/Hispanic person
IC3 – African/Afro-Caribbean person
IC4 – Pakistani,Indian, Nepalese, Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, or any other (South) Asian person
IC5 – Chinese, Japanese, or South-East Asian person
IC6 – Arabic, Egyptian,Tunisian,Algerian or Maghreb person
IC0 – Origin unknown

Then there are ambulance codes, also applicable to sail abreviations.

kilo one - dead, not certified
kilo two - dead, certified
kilo nine - unconscious
kilo one four - abrasions, bruising
kilo one five - limb fractures
kilo one seven - head injury
kilo one eight - back injury
kilo one nine - no apparent injury
kilo two zero - ambulance pickup after race i.e minor

And finally the American 3-figure ("Hundred") crime coding might suggest a few suitable boat names (or personalities?!) to go with the relevant sail number!

240- Assault,
213- Use of Illegal Explosives
288- Lewd Conduct.
311- Indecent Exposure
374B- Illegal Dumping
480- Hit and run (Severe) 481 (misdemeanor)

And for most of us at some time or other...

390- Drunk, or even 390D, Drunk and Unconscious!

And perhaps one for most of the Assymetrics at one time or other...
505A-Reckless Driving
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